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    write a review to corporate
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  3. Roe Buck
    Is someone supposed to be updating the Deal Flash page?

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Shop Your Way Membership Levels

Recently on a trip to Rite Aid pharmacy, I noticed a small sign in the store notifying customers their rewards points expire around the first of each new year but their membership levels will stay the same which got me to thinking about Kmart's SYWR program.

Kmart has tier levels for their rewards program too but each year that level will reset which really bothers me because for thos loyal customers of Kmart/Sears that spend thousands each year like myself don't feel like such valued customers when our Membership level can go from Gold all the way to just standard after working so hard to reach. There is absolutely no reason the SYWR program can't allow us dedicated members to retain our membership level.

Open more super kmarts


Carry La Croix in grocery section.

Please carry La Croix in-store where Kmart offers groceries.