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    Is this site being monitored?
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    Customer Profile features on are permanently removed?
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  3. SHC-WendyF
    Aloe Vera Plant
    Hi Kris!
    You had helped my friend out last year with a question on her aloe vera plant blooming, ...
  4. mysonbentley1
    the layaway payment online is NOT working on the kmart site no matter what i do?
    Everytime I go online to try and make a payment it says error webpage not found. Cleared cache and a...
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    Should You Get a Real or Fake Christmas Tree?
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    How to Clean Quickly for the Holidays
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    How to Cook Winter Squash
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  9. jim2714
    Kmart #4910 in Mentor, OH property now owned by M-store
    Kmart #4910 in Mentor, OH property now owned by M-store. Will this have any effect on the future of ...

Make Kmart even better!

I shop at Kmart #4065 in downtown Battle Creek, MI. I would love they repainted the store and added more groceries. I know of other Kmart's that have those two changes, but not mine. I'd also love it if they had an in-store Seattle's Best Coffee shop inside Kmart #4065 in downtown Battle Creek. This store is 35 minutes from where I live! So I would very much appreciate these changes would make it worth so much more to all the way there. I can dream right?

Coupons not working....

I consistently load coupons to my card but never reap the benefit because they don't apply automatically when I check out using my rewards card.can someone look into this?