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  1. Katie Kavulla
    How to Keep Kids' Athletic Gear Organized
    From soccer balls and greasy cleats to jerseys that are long overdue for a wash, when your kids play...
  2. mysonbentley1
    the layaway payment online is NOT working on the kmart site no matter what i do?
    Everytime I go online to try and make a payment it says error webpage not found. Cleared cache and a...
  3. Kmart1701A
    Kmart needs to drop Sears because with all the store closures I fear the worst.
    With all the closures lately I wonder if buying Sears was the right choice with Kmart barely out of ...
  4. Kris Wetherbee
    How to Make Herbal Vinegar
    Looking for a way to preserve fresh herbs for personal enjoyment or gift giving? Herb-infused vinega...
  5. miron.axel
    Please don't close Kmart in Taylor, MI
    I shop at the Kmart on Van Born in Taylor, MI whenever on the east side of the state. I was just the...
  6. brettb111309
    Free Friday Fix Coupon via the app. NEVER works!!!
    I have tried to use the Free Friday Fix coupon via the Kmart app. for five weeks.  The coupon either...
  7. Leslie Reichert
    Tips on Using Your Microfiber Mop
    When it comes to keeping the floors in your home clean, it can be a real battle. From keeping them l...

Make Kmart even better!

I shop at Kmart #4065 in downtown Battle Creek, MI. I would love they repainted the store and added more groceries. I know of other Kmart's that have those two changes, but not mine. I'd also love it if they had an in-store Seattle's Best Coffee shop inside Kmart #4065 in downtown Battle Creek. This store is 35 minutes from where I live! So I would very much appreciate these changes would make it worth so much more to all the way there. I can dream right?

Coupons not working....

I consistently load coupons to my card but never reap the benefit because they don't apply automatically when I check out using my rewards card.can someone look into this?