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WendyWendy (Community)  
I hope you all are having a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with family and friends!

This year I am very thankful to have my loving family with me, being healthy and most of all very thankful that I wake up each day and love the small town I live in.

Feel free to share how this special holiday was spent, favorite part of your meal or even what you are thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Went to store #3985 a couple of days ago and they were having problems with the registers which have been in Kmart since before I worked there in 2000. I was told by the cashier that there would be no register upgrades because Kmart and Sears would not be around in 2016 because all stores would be gone after the first of the year. I have heard nothing about another bankruptcy or even my store being on the closure list, but is there some truth to that? If not when will they upgrade the registers because the old ones are always going down?
Two days ago I requested a follow-up to an inquiry from last month, but didn't receive any reply:

Also, I think your Bookmarked Discussions section is broken. I clicked on my original question that I just linked above, but the site asked me to log in again. It then took me to the site's homepage, instead of the bookmarked discussion. I had to find the discussion manually by skimming through all the site's discussions.
WendyWendy (Community)  
Hi Kris!
You had helped my friend out last year with a question on her aloe vera plant blooming, unfortunately I had issues posting to that thread so you can view here.


Currently she has another question for you, how do you break the baby aloes off, is there a trick to removing the pups without damaging the plant?

Any tips you can provide would be most helpful!

Thank you!
Kmart #4910 in Mentor, OH property now owned by M-store. Will this have any effect on the future of Kmart on this property?
Store manager is stating that prepair phone cards can only be returned the same day as purchase however there is nothing in the return policy that states prepaid cards cannot be returned (same day or otherwise). Can they be returned?
Can i lookup an item using stock number or bar code number
WendyWendy (Community)  
Thank you to each and every Veteran here in the MyKmart Community.

We are truly grateful for all you've done and continue to do for this country.

Did you attend a celebration or ceremony honoring those veterans in your community or surrounding area?

Our small surrounding community had a parade and we will be attending a spaghetti dinner tonight hosted by one of our schools to honor our veterans.

Let us know how you will celebrate this special day!
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