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Roe BuckRoe Buck 

Deal Flash - "Exclusive deals on select items for a limited time only"

It's been half a year with the same "select items" for Home & Garden and Tools, so I'm wondering if your promotions dept. actually understands what it means by "limited time only". You cannot even place an order, because the product pages for these items were removed a long time ago. If this Deal Flash webpage has been abandoned, then you might want to think about removing the link from the Deals Center: http://www.kmart.com/en_us/dap/kmart-deals-center.html

Deal Flash ttems that you cannot even order
I have a hanging fern that gets partial sun on my front porch. The fern gets good morning sun and is in the shade most the afternoon. I wonder if I should water the fern every couple days or only once a week because it only gets morning sun.

Anyone have lots of experience with ferns? I can kill any plant but I am managing to keep this one alive so far. Hoping I am watering the fern enough but I'm just not certain.

Any insight appreciated!
WendyWendy (Community)  
Hi Kris!
My neighbor has received a baby offspring of the Butterfly Agave and is wondering if you can provide some wonderful tips on the care of this plant as you had done for her Aloe Vera plant.
Currently she has it in soil but is unsure of what else to do with it.
Any tips that you can provide would be extremely helpful.

Thank you!
WendyWendy (Community)  
Mother's Day is a time to honor mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers, aunts, sisters, all who have been there in our lives over the years.

We hope all of our members have a wonderful day sharing this special day with that great mother figure in your life! 

What did you do to celebrate this day?

For my daughter and me, we decided to pick out a beautiful bistro set for we have been using camping chairs for over a year. We are so excited for it to be delivered so we can sit out and breath in the fresh air in our little country town.

I hope your day is filled with love and laughter!

Happy Mother's Day!
I have a receipt w'/an item number that the search at kmart.com doesn't recognize.  How do i find out the item that I purchased a 2yr. replacement plan for?
The old Local Ad site would allow us to see the monthly ad a week in advance.  The new site does not seem to allow it.  Is there any way to preview the monthly ad that comes out tomorrow?
Best Answer chosen by dadofthedeals
LoriLori (Community) 
Hi dodofthedeals,

I have some good news for you.  The ability to see the ad a week in advance is still available.  There was a production change that caused this months ad to be delayed.  It should be visible by the end of the business day today.  You should be able to view June's add starting on May 26th.  Hope this helps.  Have a great day!!
The store has just underwent its conversion from Super Kmart to a traditional Kmart with Expanded Pantry and K-Fresh Department. The Super + Center signage has been removed, and the renovations have been completed. My Local Kmart shows that many fresh fruits and vegetables are in stock at the store, but upon my last few visits, none is to be found. No fresh baked goods are to be found either, despite it being confirmed that they would become available again in April. 
I shop in store because I like to see what I am buying. Tonigh I was at the store in Hooksett, my cashier was Everett, every response from him was what do you want me to tell you. Smart paper towel are 2 for 14. They rung up and stayed 7.99 and that was the answer we got to why can we not get the paper towels for the price marked on shelf. We carefully read the sticker had to be 6 count of smart paper towels usually 7.99 each. We had other coupons which we asked questions about and got the same answer what do you want me to tell you. This man needs more training this is not being helpful or the way to correct an error. Wal-mart is the store next to my home, but because I do not like how they treat their employees, I leave Manchester to go to the Hooksett K-mart store. This is the first time ever that I feel that so miss treated. I left the paper towels on the counter. Am totally think that maybe I should start saving money on the commute and go to Wal-mart.
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