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WendyWendy (Community)  
Our family is gathering to celebrate with an evening barbecue and then to the bay to watch the fireworks.

Last year we did not make it out in our new area we had moved back to, so this will be quite a treat in bringing back past memories from my younger days.

How are you spending your 4th?

We would love to hear it!
my garden needs help
Kmart sells poor quality products. They sell $800 rings at 70% off but it is still $187. When the product is appraised i find out that it is worthless not even worth $5. So you think your getting a good deal because your a shopyourway member but in reality i just threw out $200 (i bought the stupid warranthy plan that is even priced more than the dumb ring is worth). I find out that the product is junk but it is has been 35 days since i bought the product. Their jewlery exchange policy is 30 days. (probably because the longer a customer has their prouduct the more they will realize its junk and then its too late) So i call the customer service number on line and they refuse to help me. I even chat with a customer service person and they say they can't help me. I go to the store and they say policy is policy we can't help you. We wouldn't even taken it back at 31 days. And the said thing is i bought two rings on the same day. So i flushed $356 down the toilet. Then i try to get the contact information for the district manager and the manager above them and their information is no where to be found. I do have the number to the corporate office and i have the Presidents name maybe i will just start calling their ever day 10 times a day until i reach him!
what is the telephone numer to the district manager of the crossville,tn store. And who is above him?
Roe BuckRoe Buck 

This error does not occur for me, but I am posting on behalf of some other customers that have asked me about it over the past few years.

When attempting to update the Contact Preferences on Kmart.com or Sears.com, the website gives the following error no matter on many different days and weeks they try it:
"An error occurred processing your request. Please try again later"
User-added image

If the friend or family member asking about the error lived nearby, I visited their place and tried the following:
  1. Tried both Sears and Kmart websites.
  2. Tried clearing their web browser cache and cookies.
  3. Tried a different web browser.
  4. Tried logging in and updating the preferences from a completely different device.

Personally, I'm sick of people asking me about this error, and now just tell them to call your customer service for help. Unfortunately, I end up hearing even more complaints after they had to deal with Kmart or Sears customer service.
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