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When I sign in it shows my Kmart as Warren, Mi. but there is a Kmart in Adrian where I live & I can't seem to be able to change my location to my local store. Even when I look on the map it doesn't show anything south of Detroit area. Why is this happening? & why can't I clip my Shopping my way coupons even though I am logged in?
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WendyWendy (Community)  
Hi Leslie,

We had a member reach out through our MyKmart feedback link requesting help with covers for their La-Z-boy Peyton Recliners

Unfortunately member had also stated that neighbors cats had come over and urinated on them and has tried numerous attempts in getting the smell out of them.

Do you have any suggestions that our member can try?

Thank you!
WendyWendy (Community)  
This year marks Kmart’s 32nd year supporting the March of Dimes® on its mission to prevent birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality. As March of Dimes’ longest and most successful corporate sponsor, Kmart has raised nearly $125 million dollars over our three decades-long relationship with the March of Dimes. Most recently, Kmart's Shop Your Way® members, customers and associates donated an unprecedented $11 million to the March of Dimes 2014 March for Babies® campaign.
We recently reached out to our associates to hear their personal experiences with March of Dimes. Click here to read how three Kmart associates and their families were touched by the help and support of the March of Dimes.
Hopefully after hearing these stories you will join Kmart and the March of Dimes in our 2015 efforts to raise donations – whether through an in-store or online donation, participating in a walk or purchasing our Kmart-exclusive puppy figurine.

This year’s March of Dimes campaign is underway and will run through Saturday, June 20, 2015. 

For more information, visit

Thank you for your participation!
WendyWendy (Community)  
The Do-It-Yourself is a wonderful new feature we have added for our members. Expert advice is provided with tips and tricks to help those who need that extra guidance for their projects.

Is there a project that you would like to start and need suggestions?

We would love to hear if you have tried any of these projects listed or have ideas for new ones!

Hi Sears, Kmart Team,

Just wanted to share how harrassing a trip to your store can be. There were multiple issues faced during single visit and i need resolution to all problems.

First of all, Please make sure your Customer Service department is aware of Return procedure. I am Go Green person and do not mostly look for Paper receipt. So like this way i had receipt recrived over an email for order i wanted to return; lady at Customer Service with very bad communication skills simply refused saying i need receipt not phone. I will not be able to return, please plan a training for them. Store is Redwood City, CA. Somehow other person knew about it and it got figured out.

Secondly, i purchased items from Kmart store and we checke prices of item which we intended to buy before lady took of stickers. One of those items was Water bottle and Comforter; both were on Sale and priced @ 19.99 instaed of 29.99 and 3.45 something instead of 8.99 something. But by the time we reached register for billl; all stickers were taken off and Rep refused to adjust price as actual price was now listed and reason we came to know was that prices have changed. How can this be possible when Sale is still active and sticker price was shared with them. i ended up lossing 15 dollars here and on top of it; rep was not able to load my coupons which were already on my account. They asked me to show print or phone coupon and i informed them that its already loaded and your SYW app is not working right now. So my overall trip was for 3 hours and reason for visit was a return amd buy couple of items and loss was around 30 dollars and harrassment. When will Kmart/ Sears will start having a good Customer experience. Please get these issues resolved and get my money refunded which was charged more. 

Best Answer chosen by Satinrichu
WendyWendy (Community) 
Hi satinrichu@gmail.com!

Welcome to the MyKmart Community!

We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback on the issues you had experienced in the Redwood City store location.

I truly apologize for the inconveniences this has caused and understand completely how upsetting this has been for you with advertised price changes as well as accessing your mobile SYW coupons. 

Your concerns are important to us and have been shared with the district management team in regards to these in-store issues to help in resolving.

This is the first we have heard with any issues to the mobile SYW coupons and have forwarded to the SYW Support tech team to investigate these occurrences.

Again, we thank you for bringing these issues to our attention and will update as information is received.

Thank you!

Kmart pharmacy gas rewards for prescriptions ended 12/31/2014 with an annoncement of  that
other rewards are coming instead. Its 03/08/2015 and nothing as far as I know was put in effect.
Also old coupons expiring 02/28/2015 are on website ($5 gift card per refill). Will new coupons
be there to replace expired ones? If yes when?
I have expensive prescriptions coming due to refill. Rewards programs kept me at Kmart. Should I take prescriptions elsewhere now?
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