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In the past two or three months, almost all my loaded coupons have applied, a problem that I previously did not have. Some of these are $10 in points for eligible $50 purchase, I've read the terms on the coupons and don't see why they did not load onto account. It is very frustrating, especially since I spend A LOT of time figuring about how to get the most out of the (SYWR offers) and splitting items into transactions, and looking into which items I should bunch with the right SYW offer. I used to have no problems with coupon application, but this has been going on for a bit. Do you know what is going? Somebody else had posted about this too. I will head to my nearest Kmart tomorrow afternoon, I hope it goes smoothly. But prior to that I'd like some help or insight into this situation. It would be appreciated.
Hi, When is the next double coupon event? (Please find out.)
JulieJulie (Community)  
Last Friday night,my poor pup was sprayed by a skunk.Oh boy! After I gave her a midnight bath of hydrogen peroxide, dish soap and baking soda, I went to work on the house.I threw everything I could in the washer, and vacuumed the rugs after letting baking soda seep in for awhile.I went around and sprayed "Nature's Miracle" on everything I could.
I took the dog to get a professional bath and hair cut on Saturday morning. She is still a little stinky (especially when she is wet), but not too bad.
My problem is, the house STILL smells like skunk! I have boxes of baking soda open all around the house to soak up the stink. Not sure what else I can do! Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!
Roe BuckRoe Buck 
This error as been occuring for a few days for the online local ad. If I add an item to my cart from the Clearance & OverStock section, then I cannot checkout without the price going up to match the regular site price. I already tried clearing my browser data, calling the store to make sure plenty of the item is in stock, and switching the local ad to stores in other locations. Some friends confirmed they are getting the error as well, so the problem is definitely not on my end.

The Sears online local ad is working as normal.
Best Answer chosen by mkerschieter
WendyWendy (Community) 
Welcome to the MyKmart Community mkerschieter!
In viewing the information we have received for store closures dating back to May- The only closures we are seeing for these areas are Chicago (N.Elston) IL which will be closed on 8/23/15.
Hope this helps!
Thank you for inquiring!
Why cant I apply directly to a store?
Best Answer chosen by butterfield6300
I have a friend that works there and he told me that he will talk to HR (Human Resources) and ask them if they could "Put out an ad." because he knows there hireing. If the store dosent tell Sears Holdings that they are hireing than it wont show up. Wendy, can you please make a note to your boss or whom ever so they can try to fix this inconsistancy. Better accountability and reccord keeping for all stores ensures a better, smoother system. Thank you for your help.
I had an item on layaway, wen't to make final payment IN THE STORE...and they WOULD NOT TAKE IT! even after an hour of trying to find my order! now i been trying to cancel for days! store says I have to call, they said it would cancel but it's not! getting a run around...WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!! being ripped off! store employees are CLUELESS and cust. service is giving me the run around!!! I WILL NEVER SHOP HERE AGAIN!!!!!
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