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I posted 3 reviews in the last couple of months and never received any points. These reviews were posted after I got an email invite to post reviews. 2 of the 3 reviews have been approved and the one I posted today is still pending. But, never got points for approved reviews as well.
I have gone to 2 Kmart stores in Baltimore MD and was told they do not take printed coupons. It is not just me there have been other people as well. I was trying to take advantage of Kmart doubles week but I cannot due to The Kmarts in Maryland. I have not been able to find a policy for them. This is very frustrating!!!
I placed an order on December 15 (Salescheck 093002060532) which were two pairs of Joe Boxer Mens Pajama Pants. According to my tracking number (1Z4848310300135294) it claims to be ready to be shipped and the label was created on the 16th so was just wonder what is going on since this was already deducted from my bank account. I ordered on Kmart.com yet it appears these items were listed on Kmart's site through Sears which is BS because I despise Sears. I ALWAYS have problems ordering from Sears, Kmart on the otherhand seems to ship out my packages right away. I'm not happy, was hoping these would be here so I had something comfortable to wear when I go in for my double hernia repair next Tuesday.
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