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With all the closures lately I wonder if buying Sears was the right choice with Kmart barely out of bankruptcy at the time. I have one Kmart store left and that is #3985 and if it goes there will be no more with in an hour radius from me. Liquidate Sears and focus on turning the Kmart ship around before it's too late. I love Kmart and have been a loyal customer for over 25 years and traveled just to get to a store when the bankruptcy took ours in the early 2000's. If my store closes then what will I do? We buy  near everything there including the kids clothes especially when there is a massive Kmart clearance. Mr. Lampert you need to come up with something soon because I fear that the end is near for my beloved Kmart.
I had an invitation to review products for points. I wrote 16 regular product reviews for 1,000 points each and 2 reviews on shoes, which are 2,500 points each according to the fine print here: https://responsys.hs.llnwd.net/i2/responsysimages/content/kmartri2/CHI-2734246-v15-Sears_Product_Review_Points_Offer_Terms_and_Conditionsnew.pdf?lid=see_details&sid=ITx20160418TriggeredKMTYFPInStore2013DIVKMITYFP&eml=44768352&rioptype=KC&ruid=2010707 This was about a week ago. I got 1,000 points in my account for a review. That was it. I contacted Kmart customer service and they said they were not familiar with this promotion and that they thought it was 1,000 for all reviews. They had me call ShopYourWay Rewards. I call them and they said that they didn't know why they weren't posted but to contact Kmart. I told them I already did that. That's why I am now here. I am due 21,000 points total. What's going on?! 
I have read about the B1G1 in the coupon policy stating that one cannot use 2 of those coupons.  Well, I have a coupon for B1G1 and a $2 off coupon. Can I use both?  I am buying one and getting one free and then on the one that I am buying I am getting $2 off.  Thank you!
i did the app.now looking for the video thats required forme to watch
My husband and I drove 30 miles to Kmart this morning to use our coupons.com internet printable coupons to purchase dog food and the cashier told us that they no longer accept this kind of coupons. I live in a small town in Wisconsin and this is the only Kmart we have. What a let down. We have a cart full of stuff that we were going to purchase but we decided not to purchase any since we were so disappointed about the change.
I finally made it to NYC and to my surprise when I stepped off the train in Penn Station, there was a KMART!!!! I couldn't resist the urge to go in, got to ride her hot little escalators, cute little store. Good times. :-)
Please just answer the question. I have read the coupon policy and it DOES NOT answer the question. 
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